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KKSng Colorectal & General Surgery is a specialist surgical clinic with 2 branches located at Gleneagles Medical Centre and Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre. Both these centres are renowned private hospitals located in the heart of Singapore …


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At our clinic, we focus on providing specialist care for colorectal conditions. These include screening for and treatment of colorectal cancer, diagnosis and removal of polyps, and management of benign colorectal diseases such as haemorrhoids …


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Colorectal Cancer Screening

Colorectal Cancer Screening At Our Singapore Clinic In…

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Endoscopy Singapore

Endoscopy Services For Singapore K K Sng Colorectal…

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Colorectal Screening Singapore
Colorectal Polyps

These are small growths within the large intestine…

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Managing patients in Singapore With Colon Cancer and Other Colorectal Issues

Put your health in good hands. K K Sng Colorectal & General Surgery offers consultation and treatment for a range of colorectal diseases and disorders, helping patients in Singapore be better informed about a crucial but little understood part of their health.

Ensuring your bowels and lower digestive system are in good health is essential to a high-quality life free of pain. Led by Dr Kevin Kaity Sng, our clinic helps people get the treatment and the advice they need to manage and avoid disorders. Dr Kevin Sng has been practicing medicine for nearly 20 years, and won numerous awards from Singhealth and Eastern Health Alliance for the quality of his service.

Often a small lifestyle change can help you protect your health now and for decades to come, so find out how you could be taking better care of yourself by booking a consultation.

Colonoscopy and gastroscopy to assist with diagnosis

Our clinic assists people across the city in getting the answers they need to better their health. Our endoscopy services can locate potentially precancerous growths in the oesophagus, stomach, large intestine, and parts of the small intestine. It is also useful in the diagnosis of Colorectal and other Gastrointestinal cancers.

Colonoscopy is a useful first-line defence against colon cancer and is a key part of the screening process. If you are over the age of 50 or have a family or personal history of polyps or cancer, consider booking an endoscopy with our clinic.

Discuss your needs with our staff today

K K Sng Colorectal & General Surgery offers consultation for a range of conditions such as haemorrhoids (piles), hernias and gallbladder diseases including gallstones. We’ve helped thousands of people across the city access the information they need to make a healthy change in their lives.

Start a conversation with us today and discover how we could help you. Send us an email at info@kksngcolorectal.com or call us directly on (+65) 6472 6188 or (+65) 6334 1696 to get the answers to any questions or to book a consultation.