Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer Consultation In Singapore

Colorectal cancer is the most common cancer in Singapore and one of the commonest cancers around the world today. This malignant tumour can grow within any part of the colon or rectum, and can occasionally be found involving the anus.

The only way to definitively diagnose a cancer is through biopsy to obtain cancer cells that can be examined under a microscope. This biopsy is most effectively obtained under direct vision during colonoscopy. Colonoscopy has the added benefit of evaluating the rest of the large intestine. If any potentially pre-cancerous polyps are found, they may also be removed via colonoscopy, to prevent these polyps from turning into cancer in future.

Treatment for colon cancer in Singapore

Once cancer has been diagnosed, scans would be organized to determine the stage of the cancer, so as to help plan subsequent treatment. Broadly speaking, there are 4 stages in this cancer. Stage 4 disease is where there is distant spread of the cancer away from the main tumour. Most patients with Stage 4 cancer have a very low chance of cure, although in some instances aggressive treatment may be recommended with the aim to cure the patient.

Stage 1 to 3 cancers are potentially curable through surgery, although the chance of successful cure decreases as the stage advances. In these more advanced stages, it may be necessary to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Stage 1 cancers have a very good chance of cure after surgery since they are detected early.

The importance of screening

Screening aims to detect colorectal cancer at its earlier stages and also diagnose and remove any pre-cancerous polyps found during colonoscopy. Once a colorectal cancer has been diagnosed, surgery is usually necessary to remove the cancer. This may be in the form of conventional open surgery or minimally-invasive laparoscopic (“keyhole”) surgery. There are risks involved with surgery and your colorectal surgeon would explain these in great detail during clinic consultation.

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