shutterstock_174945020Hernia Surgery and Consultation in Singapore

A hernia usually refers to an abnormal protrusion through a defect in the abdominal wall. This protrusion will usually manifest itself to the patient as a lump that can sometimes get bigger, but can also be pushed back in. The contents of an abdominal hernia usually consist of fat or intestine from within the abdomen. Abdominal hernias may arise in the groin, manifesting itself as a lump there that can occasionally be big enough to extend down into the scrotum in the case of a male patient. Other hernias may appear near or at the belly button, or over sites of previous abdominal scars.


Surgery is usually necessary to cover and repair this defect in the abdominal wall so that the hernia can no longer protrude through this area. Hernia surgery may be performed by the conventional open or the laparoscopic (“keyhole”) method. Laparoscopic surgery reduces the recovery time for the patient and as such is recommended in the majority of cases. Recovery is generally rapid with patients able to walk the same day and return to work and their life as normal within days. Depending on your unique circumstances, you may be advised against some strenuous activities for an additional period to aid in healing. Your doctor will discuss any potential side-effects with you before and after the procedure. 

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